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New generation
of social media |
A marketing agency run by millennials with
a deep rooted understanding of the current social landscape.


How we can team up
Content creation
Commercial video and photo content shooting. Increasing brand awareness. Keeping in touch with the audience.
3-month trafic program
This is our flagship service. Over 90 days we come in & totally transform your advertising efforts. Within 14 days you'll have your ads running.
1 on 1 business owner or CEO consulting as well as group training. Full social media audit and social media strategy for a year ahead.
Social media strategy creation
In-depth market research, competition analysis and social media audit. We compile a precise and efficient strategy for your business social media and digital presence.
Sales funnel creation
This comprises of a 2-day training where our team flies out to your offices to work with you & your team to build out either the perfect webinar funnel or sales funnel.iag
Mark Martyanov
Founder, CEO
4+ years marketing experience. Certified targeting specialist, public speaker, consultant.
Mentioned on RBK. Russia's best young entrepreneur nominee.
Clients from Russia, Ukraine,
Emirates, Germany and the US
Solid experience on international markets. Multilingual team.
Consultants and mentors from all over the world
Marketinc x Sin City

Content + VK lead generation

123 haircut requests
a day

Marketinc x Battle School

VK + Facebook Lead generation

110 leads in 30 days
ROI 300%

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